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Pilings are the most important part of your marine project. The integrity and lifespan of your dock or pier depend on professionally constructed and well-maintained pilings.

There are two basic types of pilings

Dock pilings are the foundation, the first step in building a dock or pier. Batter pilings are used to save sagging seawalls.


To start building your project, first, we drive pilings. Then the wood crew starts building the structure of your dock or pier. South Florida Dock & Seawall uses barges with cranes to install pilings for piers & docks and to protect seawalls. For inland locations inaccessible to barges, we can bring in cranes by truck if the proposed dock location is accessible to a large truck.

Piles are driven to engineering specifications, and even deeper if there will be a boat-lift adding more weight.

Did you know that how far the piling drops when hammer hits will show how much weight it will support? This is calculated based on piling size, hammer weight, and other factors.

Dock Pilings

Dock pilings are the vertical supports for your dock or pier, going deep into the waterway bottom. Pilings are the first step in building a dock or pier. Everything depends on them. South Florida Dock & Seawall uses a higher grade of pressure-treated wood than you'll find at any retail lumberyard.

Batter Pilings

Batter pilings are top structural supports that are vital to saving existing structural supports from failing on old seawall. Batter pilings are large concrete pilings, driven at an angle into the canal bottom, in front of your old seawall to prop it up and replace an old old tieback and deadman system which is no longer adequately supporting the seawall.

Batter pilings prevent total failure from tieback fatigue by leaning against the old seawall to hold it in place, to keep it from collapsing to make it last longer. Since batter pilings they are taller than the seawall, it is apparent that the seawall is actually leaning on them!

Protecting Plings

To protect new pilings from marine borers infestation and extend piling life, South Florida Dock & Seawall uses Perma Pile high-density polyethylene piling wrap.

If your pilings are damaged due to marine borers infestation, concrete-filled Forma-Pile piling restoration can be used to extend their useful life.

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