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There are four commonly-used materials for seawalls you can choose, depending on your needs and environment:

VINYL... Vinyl seawalls are used for soft-bottom applications, such as lakefronts and inland canals with low water movement.

ALUMINUM... Aluminum seawalls are used for hard-bottom applications where there are low water movement and minimum boat traffic.

CONCRETE... Concrete seawalls are suitable where the site has crane access.

STEEL... Steel seawalls are used in extremely adverse conditions, such as where there are fast water and a hard bottom.

See the seawalls in our Photo Gallery.

Aluminum and vinyl sheet pile are used for footers when a seawall has been undermined - erosion below its bottom. The seawall footer system becomes an extension to the bottom of the existing wall and extends the wall to at least its original depth. Depths depend on the composition of the bottom. Footers are usually 24 inches but should be deeper if the canal bottom is mucky. The footer eliminates fill loss from behind seawall due to undermining. Also, see Maintenance & Repairs.

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