South Florida Dock and Seawall

Maintenance & Repairs

South Florida Dock & Seawall

recommends regular maintenance in order to protect your investment.

Maintaining Docks & Piers

Since docks and piers are always subject to adverse tropical weather conditions, they require much more maintenance than land structures, to protect them from the elements that we deal with in Florida, sun, rain, and salt.

Wooden docks and piers should be sealed with Wood R/X Sealer Stain, once every 3 to 5 years.

Wooden decks, railings, and other wood surfaces require periodic oiling (for South American hardwoods) or staining and sealing for protection, even though pressure-treated wood is used.

Pilings must be inspected, repaired, and protected. If you don't already have polyethylene wrapping on your pilings, it is highly recommended. Wraps should double the life of any wood piling by protecting it from marine borers and rot. If your pilings are damaged, Forma-Pile piling restoration is used to extend their useful life.

Maintaining Seawalls

When the ground is saturated, water pressure pushes on your seawall to equalize pressure. Installing weep holes allows some of that water to drain, making your seawall last longer.

Adding footers can save a seawall that has been undermined. Dirt can leak out of the seams in a seawall. Adding hydraulic cement where pilings meet seawall panels to keep dirt from leaking out.

Maintaining Boat Lifts

Maintaining your boat-lift makes it work better and last longer. Maintenance includes greasing, checking cables for burrs, and cleaning marine growth (oysters, barnacles, algae) on the track.

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